-Hawaiian Ivory-
ABBI #10048311
2x PBR Finals Bull, 2x NFR Bull
- Diamond Heat -
ABBI #10030159
PBR Bucking Bull.  This bull has some of the
top genetics
in the industry today.
ABBI #10036199
Finished in the top five for 2009 PBR Bucking Bull of
the Year, even though he was not able to compete
in the PBR Finals due to an injury
- #69 Hooter -
ABBI #10000716
He is the Sire to 5 bulls with
Probullstats, one being #81
Skat Kat, a PBR and NFR bull,
who was the 1996, 1998 Bull of
the NFR, and the 1999 PRCA
Reserve Bull of the year
Straws and Embryos
-Hargis #9(79)-
ABBI #10006492
He is the Sire to the 6x PBR Finals Bull Blueberry Wine,
The 2003, 2005 PBR Reserve Bull of the Finals.  
DH 79 has sired 7 bulls with probullstats
- Dillinger-
ABBI #10006166
He is a Two time PBR Bucking Bull of the
Year  2000-2001.  Rated #1 in Probullstats,
with a lifetime average marking of 23.4
- A53 Squaw Butte-
        ABBI # 10028359     
He is a 2x PBR Finals Bull
-A54 Rain Wolf-
ABBI #10009721
He was unridden in all of his PRCA outs,
but was injured at the  PRCA Grand Nationals
- Copenhagen Dueces-
ABBI #10003105
He is a 3x PBR/NFR Finals Bull,
and is a maternal brother
to Hooter, and Alley Cat
1 Straw
4 Straws
3 Straw
1 Straw
2 Straws
1 Straw
4 Straws
1 Straw
-CP47 -
ABBI #10002335
Industry today. CP47 is the GRANDSIRE to Panhandle Slim, Rooster,
Houdini, Katydid and many More!  HE is the Sire to #161 Whitesports Coat!

-Bone Collector-
ABBI #10013953
Sire to 2 time Bucking Bull of the Year "Bones", and 6 other
bulls with probullstats!
1 Straw
- Oscar's Velvet -
ABBI #10006436
     He is the 1983 PRCA Bull of the Year, and has one of the most
 Proven Blood lines in the industry today.  He has 53 sons
     in Pro Bull stats.  He sired White Water Skoal (who has 117 sons
in Pro Bull stats).
1 Straw
- Just A Dream -
ABBI #10009884
PBR Finals Bull, and NFR Finals Bull.  
This bull can only be described as "Electric"
Cattle for
sale at all
- Houdini -
ABBI #10001769
Houdini is the greatest sire & grandsire living today. His sons & grand-
sons have proven to be champions at every level from Futurities, to
Classics, to Bucking Bulls of the Year!!!
1 Straw
2 Straws
- Unforgiven -
ABBI #10000762
2002 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year
2001 Reserve-PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year
1999 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Finals
K78 Unforgiven has been marked as HIGH AS 25pts!!!
1 Straw
1 Straw

-Diamonds Ghost-
ABBI #10000789
Many time NFR and PBR Finals Qualifier
Blue Stone was 91.5 @ 2002 NFR to win the round
Adriano Moraes was 92.5 @ 2000 PBR Finals
1 Straw

-Playboy Skoal-
ABBI #10000738
1990 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Finals
1991 Reserve PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year
Playboy Skoal is the SIRE to:
#10 Super Cool
2002 & 2003 PRCA Bull of the Finals.
NFR & PBR Finals Bucking Bull
#700 Just Push Play
2010 INFR Bull of the Finals
1 Straw
-012 Bud Light-
ABBI # 10017178
He is a son of 00 Super Dave.  Bud Light is the
Sire to Tokyo Drift, a PBR and NFR bull,
the 2009 PRCA Prairie Circuit Bull of the Year
1 Straw
                              - J9 Tony Lama Boots -
                            Abbi #10000770
                 He is a PBR Finals and 6x NFR Bull.  
                   He is the sire to The PBR bull
                     #420 Chester         
2 Straws
1 Straw
ABBI #10005131
96pts with Norman Curry in Fort Woth
95.5pts with Justin McBride in Albuquerque
95pts with Bubba Dunn in Charlotte
94.5pts with J.W. Hart in Anaheim
Click pictures for
enlarged photo,
also click
- Bodacious-
ABBI# 10000708
1994 & 1995 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Year
1992, 1994, and 1995 PRCA Bucking Bull of the Finals
- 901 Night Train-
ABBI #10045269
Sired by Super Dave and out of a Own Daughter of Super Dave
901 is a PRCA Bull. He is the Sire to NFR Finals Bull 303 Crazy Train
2 Straws
2 Straws
5 Straws